MUSIC: Beauty Of The World-Elo Azuka

Minister Azuka Elo, a worship leader , musician and song writer. I grew up in Nigeria(Benin city Edo state) and through my journey with God I have found myself pursuing the work of the Lord in South Africa.

While I grew up in a church environment, from a tender age of 8 singing at church, to a point of discovering the calling upon my life to be a Pastor at 20. I obtained my theology diploma at All Nations for Christ Bible Institute year 2013 back in Nigeria. I’m a full time Minister of God serving under a prominent Pastor (Dr Sule Emmanuel)
and live a life fully devoted to Christ and His Kingdom.
God has blessed me with skills in stage designing, plumbing and painting.

Music has been part of my life, an experience that has lead to a lifestyle. I have altered my whole life to make Gods glory known through the sound of my voice, attitude and actions. As I have come to know Christ Personally, I seek to share the revelations with others through this gift.

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